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Super Precocious Weaning

Super Precocious Weaning (SPW) is a feed supplement allowing early weaning of calves in artificial breeding.
Super Precocious Weaning is formulated with high quality raw materials and micro-ingredients (minerals, vitamins and additives) to optimal levels required, favoring an efficient transformation of Pre-ruminant to ruminant within shorter time compared to traditional breeding system.

- Weaning of calves at 3 or 4 weeks of weaning stage.
- Complete development of the rumen at 40 days of life.
- Lower incidence of nutritional diarrhea ("indigestion").
- Improve daily and overall weight gain.
- Reduce milk consumption.

Instructions for use
- Provide “SPW” in small quantities (100g) from the second day of weaning stage: then gradually increase the supply of “SPW” according to consumption (at will) to achieve a daily intake of 600 gr per calf.
- From this moment, the milk diet is decreased by half for a week, until you reach the 800g / day consumption “SPW”, when the milk is definitively suspended.
- After this stage, offer “SPW” at will, and then to gradually decrease consumption and simultaneously initiate offering of Calf Starter 18% until reaching the next stage of calf raising (Heifer development or Steers fattening) according to production parameter settings (age, body weight, consumption).
- Upon the start of milk restriction, offer high quality Hay (preferably alfalfa).
- During rearing phase, high quality water should be offered at discretion, depending on season.

Nutrition Scheme

Ration/Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
 Milk 4 litres 4 litres 4 litres 2 litres no no
Super Precocious Weaning 200 grs 400 grs 600 grs 800 grs 1000 grs 500 grs
Calf Starter 18% no no no no 500 g 1500 g
Hey no no no at Will at discretion at discretion
Water at discretion at discretion at discretion at discretion at discretion at discretion

- Ensure proper colostrum for calves at birth;
- Ensure maximum Animal comfort and biosecurity;
- Provide skilled and well trained personnel during weaning stages;
- Get assistance from our Technical Team at Nuticion Superior.

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