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Pre-Calving Cow

Mineral supplement with anionic salts for dairy cows at Pre-calving stage.

Nutritional Characteristics
- Formulated to correct cationic imbalances on diets during pre-calving.
- Mix of chlorides and sulfates to ensure Calcium mobilization pre-calving, preventing possible milk fever.
- Provides 100% vitamin-mineral requirements of cows at this stage.

Nutritional Composition
Chlorine: 25.90%
Sodium 14.22%
Calcium 6.50%
Sulfur 6.20%
Phosphorus 5.15%
Magnesium 2.80%
Zinc 2000 ppm
Iron 1285 ppm
Copper 950 ppm
Iodine 15 ppm
Cobalt 13 ppm
Selenium 2 ppm
Excipients qs 1000 ppm

Instructions for use
- Designed to be fed 15 days before calving.
- Mix homogeneously with other components of the diet (concentrates and silage).
- Ensure an average consumption of 200 grs / cow / day.
- Avoid eating grasses and legume hays.
- The dose can be modified according to professional criteria, according to cationic concentration of feed and / or anion concentration in water.

Bags of 25 kg.

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