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Final Feed

Mineral supplement for cattle at fattening stage.

Functional Characteristics
- Formulated to correct mineral imbalances on diets with high amounts of cereals and conserved forage (silage, hay).
- Provides 100% of the mineral requirements of animals at finishing stage on feedlot.
- Contains proper dosification of monensin, which reduces rumen acidosis and improves feed efficiency, increasing daily gain and decreasing conversion rate.

Nutritional Composition
Chlorine: 17.00%
Sodium 11.1%
Calcium 26.20%
Sulfur 0.20%
Magnesium 1.80%
Manganese 1260 ppm
Zinc 1700 ppm
Iron 1600 ppm
Copper 580 ppm
Iodine 11 ppm
Cobalt 7 ppm
Selenium 3 ppm
Monensin 20%  10.8 gr/kg
Excipients qs 1000 ppm

Recommended dose
- Provide to steers from 150 kg, until finishing.
- Include in the diet at a rate of 2.5% of the ration in Dry Matter
- Mix homogeneously with other components of the diet (TMR mixer).
- Its use must be supervised by professional nutritionist.

Bags of 25 kg.

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