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Creci Feed

Vitamin-Mineral Supplement for rearing cattle

Functional Characteristics
- Corrects vitamin-mineral imbalances on diets based on concentrates and conserved forages (confined rearing systems and feed lot systems).
- Corrects mineral deficiencies suffered by animals under intensive grazing systems or under regular quality pastures (strategic supplementation).
- Suggested dose contributes up to the 80% of vitamin and mineral requirements of the animal.
- Provides proper dose of monensin, which prevents Coccidiosis and improves feed efficiency, increasing daily gain.

Nutritional Composition
Chlorine: 18.20%
Sodium 11.8%
Calcium 24.80%
Sulfur 0.20%
Phosphorus  3.55%
Magnesium 1.85%
Zinc 2260 ppm
Manganese 2250 ppm
Iron 1890 ppm
Copper 500 ppm
Iodine 14 ppm
Cobalt 5 ppm
Selenium 5 ppm
-Vitamin A 120.0 IU/gr
-Vitamin D3 24.00 IU/gr
-Vitamin E 0,825 IU/gr

Monensin 20%  24 gr/kg
Excipients qs 1000 ppm

Bags of 25 kg.

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