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Calf Concentrate 50%

Protein supplement for calves in early stages of calf development.

Nutritional Characteristics
Feed supplement for bovines in their initial stage elaborated from soybean meal, wheat bran and corn, plus the addition of macro-minerals (Ca, P), micro-minerals, vitamins and additives (monensin).

Percentage composition
Corn: ~ 5%.
Wheat Barn: ~ 35%.
Soybean Meal: ~ 55%.

Nutritional Composition
Dry Matter min: 88%.
Metabolizable Energy: 2.4 Mcal / kg MS.
Crude Protein min: 30%.
Ethereal Extract: 2.64%.
Ash: 10.1%      -   Calcium: 1.73%     -   Phosphorous: 0.85%
Crude Fiber: 7%

Nutritional Characteristics
Calf Concentrate 50% is designed to be mixed with grains in different proportions and use it in different categories such as calf weaning (20% CP), calf early development (18% CP) or Heifer development (16% CP): this is achieved by varying the percentage of concentrate and cereal as required by the category of animal
We recommend the use of corn for optimal palatability and performance

Instructions for use
Desired Protein Level 20% 18% 16%
Calf Concentrate 50% 50% 40% 30%
Cereal (Corn) 50% 60% 70%

Pelleted (4-4,5mm diameter) x 40kg bag or in bulk.

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