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What We Do

Adding value at each stage of the chain

We operate in three inter-related segments of the agri-chain: production, industry and services. This integrated business model allows us to extract synergies and add greater value to our customers and business partners.

Agricultural Production
We produce agricultural raw materials (soybean, wheat, corn and meat, among others) in regions with competitive advantages in origin, with focus on efficiency and productivity by mastering sustainable production systems (such as direct seeding and crop rotation).

Origination and Services to Farmers
We do many more than just originating raw materials. We work actively with producers through the production cycle by providing everything they need to produce and market their production. Distribution of inputs, storage, logistics and marketing of grains, services such as financing, administration and tax management, coupled with a dedicated technical advice complete an integrated offering of tailored solutions for each client.

Processing and industrialization
We add value to production by processing seeds in partnership with global brands and by manufacturing products for animal nutrition under our own brand, “Nutrición Superior”.

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